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The demand for EndoVascular Aortic Repair (EVAR) is rising because of our aging population and widespread cardiovascular disease. Reinterventions are common and costly, and the principle cause of reinterventions are endoleaks.

Life Seal Vascular provides a solution to endoleaks that is fast and effective.

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Challenges with EVAR

The most common type of complication from EVAR is associated with endoleaks. These occur when blood vessels continue to feed the aneurysm even after the endograft is in place. One in four people experience these endoleaks after the procedure.

Endoleaks cause reinterventions, which can cost as much as the original EVAR. As the need for EVAR increases, so does the price tag of dealing with complications.
Sac Expansion
Complications of aneurysm repair deal with unfavorable sac remodeling and the pressure that blood flow puts on on the sac due to endoleaks.  This may cause sac expansion, which is another reason for reintervention.

Forty percent of EVAR patients experience sac enlargement within 5 years which is associated with increased risk of costly reinterventions and mortality.

Reinterventions reduce the quality of life for EVAR patients. Therefore, new methods are necessary to break this cycle. Using a device that completely seals the aneurysm builds confidence in the procedure and the outcome.

Life Seal Vascular Solution

Life Seal Vascular eliminates the main cause of reinterventions of EVAR by completely sealing the aneurysm and stopping endoleaks. These improved devices are deployable in a predictable fashion, in just five minutes and do not interfere with imaging.

After being delivered compressed through a sheath, the polyurethane filling expands to block potential retrograde flow from adjacent vessels. The product fills the space sufficiently without causing stress onto the vessel walls.

Life Seal Vascular's solution is compatible with existing EVAR devices preserving physician's choice for their preferred endografts. The solution can be useful in thoracic, abdominal, and iliac applications.

Our people

Our Team

Bob Mitchell
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Bob is the Chairman and Director of several medical device companies and has over 30 years experience with the industry. He is the former President of Nellix, Inc, Endologix, Inc. and Angiodynamics, as well as Senior VP at Cook Medical.
Bill Colone
Board Member

Bill is CEO and Chairman of Single Pass and former CEO of Spinal Singularity. During his 30 years with medical device technology, he has been Director of Research and Development and Director of Aortic Procedure Development for Endologix, and gained 13 medical device patents.
Raja N. Ghanem, PhD MBA
Board Member

Raja is a seasoned medical device executive with over 20 years experience. Raja has held roles with increasing responsibility in R&D and product marketing at Acutus Medical, Medtronic and Endologix. He is named co-inventor on 35 issued patents.

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